The community that bridges Miami to the Keys is Deep South Dade: a warm, friendly place where industry takes root alongside rows of strawberries, palm tree farms, and a remarkable new infrastructure for business and recreation.

Homestead and South Miami-Dade are bordered by the vibrant metropolis of Miami to the north, a pair of national parks to the east and west, and the timeless Florida Keys to the south. In the south portion of our County, you’ll find a congenial workforce of 400,000 and a lifestyle that is a pleasure year-round in a community that borders on the magnificent.

The area has the highest quality health care and schools, new and historic housing and shopping in a rural setting that has attracted Fortune 500 corporations from across the nation and around the world.  This is a community receptive to entrepreneurs and small business development, where costs are lower than in Miami-Dade proper and this smaller, vibrant community embraces each new addition.


Superb Year-Round Climate
South Dade is warmer in the winter (average winter temperature is 68°) and cooler in the summer (average is 82°) than most of Florida. Days spent golfing, boating and fishing are just as common in January as they are in June.

Everglades and Biscayne National Parks – “at our doorsteps”

South Dade hosts the entrances to both Everglades National Park, with over a million acres of primordial Florida ecology; and Biscayne National Park, the only national park who’s area is 95% water. Everglades offers a surprising variety of ecological systems, and unmatched opportunities for camping, fishing, boating and bird watching. Biscayne is a giant live coral reef paradise for divers and fishermen, and is dotted with deserted islands with beaches and camping areas.

Our “small town heritage”
South Dade exudes genuine small town charm with community events like rodeos, Main Street parades, farmers markets, 4-H events, community support of the military, and many more activities to bring the community together.  For more information on all the exciting activities our community has to offer, please visit  the Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce at

Gateway to the Florida Keys
The tropical playgrounds of the Upper Keys and Key West are just minutes away by car or boat. You’ll find the Keys are far richer in cultural opportunities than most tropical getaways. If the outdoors are your thing, you can explore through guided eco-tours, walking trails and environmental centers. Numerous dive-snorkel charter captains are ready to show you North America’s only living, coral barrier reef. Anglers have a full-range of world-famous fishingopportunities.  From Key Biscayne to the Keys that border South Dade, the fishing, diving and water sports available here superb!

Year-Round Motor Sports Action
The Homestead Motorsports Complex is one of the finest facilities in the country for NASCAR, SCCA, Indy Car, motorcycle and Grand Prix racing. Frequent events attract drivers and fans from around the world, providing a major economic influx to the area. Racing schools offer programs to make race car fantasies a reality.

Major YMCA Facility and Sports Complex
One of the country’s newest and largest YMCA facilities offers fitness programs, swimming, basketball, day care, and activities for people of all ages and interests.  Additionally, the Homestead Sports Complex is a six-diamond, 9,000-seat, 140-acre facility for spring training, Olympic and international competition, and collegiate and exhibition games. Each year, the complex is used over 100 days by college teams and international squads.

GolfSports from the tame to the exotic
Golf Excellence. Championship golf abounds in Homestead or within a thirty minute drive to the Blue Monster, Biltmore, or Key Biscayne.  Golf and Tennis are solid year-round sports enjoyed by young and old alike. A lifestyle that encompasses much more than recreation

Exceptional Dining. Fine dining, multicultural festivals, antique shopping, civic and service clubs, music and the arts, and more. South Dade has more to do – and a great probability of sunshine and warm breezes to do it in!


South Dade’s commitment to quality education is evident everywhere. As a community in transition from a rural to a technological economy, South Dade understands that it will reap what it sows in education. And it has invested much more in education per capita than most large cities, having doubled its expenditure per student in a decade.  Withabout 100,000 college students, Dade is a magnet for university students from all over the world. South Dade itself hosts campuses and research facilities from Florida State University, University of Florida, Florida International University, and other institutions, offering graduate and undergraduate courses and degrees.

Miami-Dade College
Downtown Homestead has a $35 million campus capable of serving over 5,500 students. The college’s educational focus is on administrative and management skills, technology, agriculture, and international trade. The campus also hosts the graduate and undergraduate programs of Florida International University. This former community college now offers 4 year degrees.  As a community college, Miami-Dade was ranked by its peers as the number one community college in the nation.

Adult Technical Training
Curriculum at Homestead’s South Dade Adult Education Center is specifically tailored to meet the needs of industrial employers in South Dade. Willing students, many with a background in family farming, are gaining the technical skills that are required by South Dade’s most innovative enterprises. Technical schools throughout the county certify tens of thousands of highly-qualified students annually. Technical training of service personnel, civilians and reservists at the Homestead Air Reserve Base adds to South Dade’s pool of technically-adept employees. The state’s “Quick Response” labor productivity program utilizes the facilities of Homestead’s Miami-Dade Community College to tailor on-site or off-site employer-driven personnel training through a grant-funded process.

K-12 Education
The South Dade community is highly-involved with its high quality public and private schools. Among our local schools are several magnet facilities with Montessori and gifted programs, as well as special career preparatory programs in professional leadership, aviation science, the humanities, visual and performing arts, and zoological science. Our teachers are the highest-paid in the state, with a student/teacher ratio of 18-to-1. Nearly 60% of our high-school graduates pursue higher education.

Museums and Libraries
Excellent public libraries serve South Dade, and in the immediate neighborhood are an aviation museum, a railroad museum, a Florida history museum, and a number of agricultural, marine, cultural and ecological facilities with youth-oriented programs.

Things They Don’t Teach in School
In South Dade, growing up means a special awareness of the rhythms of nature, the patience of the fisherman, the faith of the farmer, the common sense of the shopkeeper. Here, we’re quiet enough to hear the lessons of life, and small enough to see how big the universe really is.